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Big Bad's Taktikor

Por Huun#8723 01 de Febrero de 2018 23:54:55
Hi everbody, today i will present you a tool to draw tactical schemas :

Big Bad's Taktikor

With it you will be able to :

- Test Deployments without physical board, save them and/or print them.
- Do some tactical guides with pictures.
- Create Puzzles to wreck up minds =)
- Assemble your own map and publish them.
- Save all these things as pictures with the size of your choice.

Here some simple examples around Speedy Goultard or Flood teams :

Drag'n drop, 8 maps more an empty one, Every Krosmaster, Every invocation, Colour Circles to differentiate them, Digits, Snapping Arrows are some of the features you'll find in that tool.

The tool works on the following web browsers :
- IE 10+
- Safari 5.1.7 +
- Chrome
- Opera

Do you want more ?

Ok, it comes with a nice help, just click on the blue bomb to discover all functionnalities. All of this in a nearly perfect english just for you =) (Well we'll say i tried wink).

PS : Do not hesitate to point out my english mistakes. It would be a pleasure to correct them. And to point out any Bug.

Update 1.06a

At least here !

Added new Maps:
- The Plantation (Japan Expo 2013)
- National Championship 2014

Added the following characters :
- Exclusive Figurines Season 2 (Qilby - Traitor, Yugo - Young King, Adamai - Dragon, Phaeris - Devastated, Cleophee, Percedal - Percylax, Arthur Bine)
- Junior (Tiktokovitch, Choppy Sue, Mil Kluva,Kip Agau)
- Duel Pack 2 (Queen of Thieves, King Nidas.)

Have Fun !

A link to the tool : LINK.

A link to a webpage with some explanations about the tool : HELP 

Update 1.08 :

Added :
- YUGO - Unchained
- Season 3
- Added summons.

Update 1.09 :

added :
- Online maps
- Island I map
- New colors for Immature Dreggons

Update 1.10 :

Added :

- Season 4, Wild Realms, OAV pack
- National Map 2016

Update 1.11 :

Added :
- Base box V2 Characters
- Chafer Archer
- Master Vampire
- Grampy - Shopkeeper
- Joris - Master

- Bonta I & Bonta II maps
- National Championship 2018 map

I create a post on the Spanish Boards to promote the update 1.11.
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It would be better to publish it in Krosmaster Arena España (Facebook) here not many people enter, they do not take care of us ;C
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