In order to renew the metagame and take into account the newest Krosmasters’ performances, we’re making a few changes to the restriction lists for tournaments.

Hello everyone,

This week, we’re talking about the update made to restriction lists for tournament play (at last!).


Season Format

Here are the changes, followed by a few explanations.


  • Theo
  • Poochan
  • Arthur Bine
  • Henual
  • Julith


  • Black Crow
  • Ghett Outadier
  • Djaul
  • Kitty Rage
  • Grougalorasalar (added)

Removed from the Boss list: Phaeris


With this update to the lists, we’re making two major changes:

Removed Phaeris from the Boss list:

We’re removing him from this list because Grougalorasalar has had a much bigger impact on him that we had expected. Grougalorasalar’s heavy presence in the metagame weights strongly on Phaeris’ popularity, Djaul being usually selected over him.

We’re removing him from this list so that he can spend his last few months as a non-Boss, before season 2 rotates out of the Season format.

Added Grougalorasalar to the Boss list:

This change has 2 major goals.

The first one is to cut short some synergies that exists between some very popular Bosses and Grougal’. We’re thinking teams like Grougalorasalar/Kitty that were very popular during the National championships; or the ones that pairs Grougalorasalar with Djaul and other placers so they can deal damage from the other side of the map easily, as Grougalorasalar can help moving his allies while damaging efficiently Djaul at the same time. 

We know there will be many other strong teams with Grougalorasalar in the future, since he can make other figurines more usable and efficient. We’d rather have this opportunity offered to non-boss characters instead.

The second goal is less of a direct one: Grougalorasalar is a character which, in our opinion, takes longer to learn how to defeat him compared to learning how to use him efficiently. This gap creates a sensation of ease when you’re using him, but a lot of frustration and hardships for your opponent.

While player learn him both ways, we decided to put Grougalorasalar on the Boss list, so his ease of use doesn’t combine with character which are already well know and mastered. We hope this will also push some players to try and experiment with other placers from the roster.


Eternal Format

A few smaller changes are in store for the Eternal format. I’d like to remind you that the spread of characters between those lists doesn’t depend on strength alone, but also balanced so each “level” is a rich environment with its own specificities.

For this update of the Eternal format, we paid special attention to the characters of Wild Realms and their repartition amongst the lists. This is a first draft that will certainly evolve in the future.


1 star:

  • Bwork Archer
  • Ko-Fang the White
  • Lemon King
  • Boowolf
  • Strawberry King
  • Bworker

2 stars:

  • Raspberry King
  • Missiz Burnzz
  • Groarg Gamel
  • Medor Thraki
  • Bwork Warrior
  • Emperor Jellix
  • Missiz Freezz
  • The 10 Boufbowlers coming from the Boufbowl set.

3 stars:

  • Snoowolf
  • Dragon Pig
  • Grougalorasalar
  • Mint King
  • Moowolf

These changes, for both Season and Eternal, will be made official on April 27th.

We hope you’ll enjoy these changes and that they will open new doors for your teams. See you around a tournament!