Let’s continue our discovery of the new OVA Pack’s content. We’ve met the heroes, now make way for their villainous opponents with 4 new profiles!

This is our second and last part of our reveal of the Wakfu series-inspired OVA Pack! Last time, you had the opportunity to meet our heroes, now it’s time for their opponents to shine. Four Krosmasters making a dangerous 12 points team…


Let’s start with the leader of this improvised bunch of misfits: Ush, one of the many sons of the god Ecaflip. An agile and dangerous fighter armed with two swords, who will make your opponent regret their decisions if they let him get a bit too close…


Remington, on the other hand, uses a very different tactic: he likes to stay at a distance and shower his opponents with incessant fire, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Don’t count on a Rogue to be the shining hero on the frontline… he’s not paid enough for that!


Percimol, controlled by one of Ush’s Fleaflea, is probably not even conscious of his presence on the battlefield. But his opponents sure won’t forget he’s here! Quick, nimble, and using his hammer in a terrifying manner, he’ll know how to use his speed to take down his unlucky victims.


And finally, to complete the team, here’s Maskemane, also under the control of a Fleaflea. A little Masqueraider who may not look like much, but has more than one trick in his sleeve…

Indeed, you will able to get two more masks (*) for Maskemane by competing in official tournaments. The mask on the original figurine is removable and can be replaced by one of the two new masks at will! And of course, both of them come with their own profile, as seen below:

You now know everything about the content of this new pack! Of course, you may mix and match these new heroes with your collection to create new and deadly teams. We’re curious to see what you will make out of these guys! :)

* These masks are not provided in the OVA Pack, but are distributed at tournaments or during Krosmaster events.