Are you itching to design something? Then why not jump into this contest: create a new competitive map for Krosmaster, and it could become an official game map!

Now's the time to start a new contest! This time, we're calling on burgeoning designers the world over. The task will be hard, but the reward is worth it...


The goal of the competition

This competition will take place from August 22nd to September 22nd (11:59 p.m. CEST). To participate, you must create a new competitive Krosmaster Arena map: a battlefield where Krosmasters will clash, like those used in the tournaments. 

It must respect the following rules:
  • The map must be exactly 12 by 12 cells or 13 by 11 cells (like the recent World Championship).
  • The map may use one and only one special rule. It could be a rule that already exists on another map (Piwate Island's rafts, or Fog, for example), or one that you've created yourself.
    • If you invent your own special rule, you must explain it in a short text accompanying your entry. Try to keep the text short but comprehensible. Be aware that the text must be written in English (see below)!
  • Your entry must be provided as a jpeg image no bigger than 800 pixels by 800 pixels.
  • Only one entry per person.
This map is intended to be competitive; as such, it should promote engagement with the enemy and the exchange of blows, rather than passivity or combos that win in a single turn. Combat must be profitable for both players! 

How to create this map? You can use the Map Aboum tool (on the Big Bad forum) to create schematic versions of your creations in image form. If you're talented with computers, you can even create the map yourself, but be sure that it remains clear and visible (the beauty of the map won't be a factor in the final jury decision!). 

And in all cases, since this contest is international, your entry must be published in English to this address. If your entry is accompanied by text, it must also be in English. Entries in any other language will not be considered. If you need help writing your text, don't hesitate to ask the community for help!

At stake

A single winner will be chosen by our jury when the contest is over. The chosen map will be published, distributed, and used in official Krosmaster tournaments! It must first make it past our Game Designer, who will check its balance, and some minor changes are possible.

Also, the creator of the map will win their choice of prizes: either 3 XL Krosmaster figurines (King of the Gobballs, Queen of the Tofus, Kassius Kaos), or an XL Pink Dragoone!

A few tips

This competition was already proposed in 2014 by the members of the Big Bad forum, and the two winning maps were then published: the Plantation map and the Fog map. If you want to see the candidates that were judged, head here.

If you want to create your own mechanic, keep in mind that it must be something that can be explained and understood quickly. A rule which is too complex or radically changes the rules of the game is likely to negatively affect your entry.

We encourage originality, but above all, we're looking for a map that's balanced and fun to play. An original but unbalanced mechanic will not help a map that would have been balanced using the known rules!

And finally - and this is important - don't hesitate to test your maps with different teams and strategies. Theory is good, but a field test can reveal much more than you imagined!

Good luck and inspiration for all, and may the best win!
"ANKAMA PRODUCTS (RCS Lille métropole: 514 418 060) located at 75 bd d’Armentières 59100 Roubaix – France is organizing from 22/08/2016 to 22/09/2016 (23h59 – Paris time - France) a free contest, no purchase necessary, titled «Map creation contest» open to all physical people of the world consisting of the creation of a Krosmaster map. 1 (one) winner selected by a jury. Global prize value: may reach €177.90 (one hundred seventy seven euros and ninety cents). The complete contest rules are available online at"