Every tidbit of info on the World Championship as soon as it comes out, you can find it right here! 

Krosmaster's World Championship 2016 starts on July 16th! We will use this place as a gathering point for all the information about the event, as soon as we get them. You will find it all in the forum topic linked to this very news, or by following us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. 



All time tables are given at Spanish time (GMT+2), and may vary slightly depending on player’s actions.

9:00 AM: Arrival of the players.
10:00 AM: Beginning of the Swiss rounds (four rounds in total).

2:00 PM: Lunch break.
3:00 PM: Quarter finals.
4:00 PM: Semi-finals (with loser brackets beginning here).
5:00 PM: Winner bracket final and loser bracket semi-finals.
6:00 PM: Loser bracket final.

7:00 PM: Tournament final; may require a second match if the Loser bracket finalist wins his first match here.


An official stream of the event will be hosted by our very dedicated Spanish fans! You will be allowed to watch any game played on Tabel 1 all day long. 

You can watch the stream at this URL: 

This page will be updated frequently during the event!