The 2016-2017 season of Krosmaster’s Organized play is about to begin. This year, QTs and national championships may open the gates of the World Championship for you!


Hello everyone! It’s time for us to talk a bit about tournaments in the coming year.

The new organized play season will begin in March 2016. For local tournaments, no changes on the horizon, with the exception of new prize kits, of course.

However, for bigger, more important tournaments, there will be some changes. We have prepared a brand new system that will give to the best players the ticket for the most prestigious tournament…

We will set a new ranking system, parallel to the current ladder, exclusively for organized play. To get points in this ladder, you will have to participate in QT (Qualifier Tournaments) or National Championships. The rankings will be international and allow players from all around the world to compete.

Every country which has an organized play structure in place can host 5 QT and 1 national championship during the season. QTs will accept players from all countries, with no restrictions. Countries dependent from another organized play structure (like Switzerland and Belgium, depending on the French championship) will be allowed 1 QT.

To qualify as a QT, a tournament must: have at least 32 contestants, be announced at least 15 days before the date on the official Krosmaster’s forums, and their results must be send directly to [Lescart] who will process the new ladder from it.

Every QT will offer the same prizes all over the world, but a small fee will be asked from the players to cover the cost of those prizes.

Participate in, or even better, winning one of those QT will give the players points in the new ladder, accordingly to their success:

  • Winner: 15 points
  • Second place: 8 points
  • 3rd to 4th place: 5 points
  • 5th to 8th place: 3 points
  • All other players: 1 point
National championships will also give out points, but in slightly bigger bulk, as it is appropriate for such important events:
  • Winner: 40 points
  • Second place: 20 points
  • 3rd to 4th place: 10 points
  • 5th to 8th place: 6 points
  • 9th to 16th place: 4 points
  • 17th to 32nd place: 2 points
  • All other players: 1 point

All QTs must take place between March 1st and October 31st; once the season is complete, the rankings will be locked and the top 48 players will be qualified for the Krosmaster World Championship 2017!
“Wait, 2017? What happened to 2016?” are you probably saying right now. We’re currently studying and organizing the event, and as soon as we have info to share about it, you will be informed, we promise.
Krosmaster’s 2016-2017 season will start pretty soon! For your demands of QT organization and any question you may have, please contact [Lescart] by Ankabox messaging. Until then, start your training, the competition will be harsh this year!