If you love sports, the United States and Beyoncé, you probably didn’t miss the event that took place on February 7. During the 50th Super Bowl, we gave you a chance to put your betting skills to the test. Are you one of the lucky people who won the Kriss Krass figurine?


If you voted for Denver Broncos, then, yes, you are! Good old Masked Gobbowler clearly has a nose for this. And you too, it seems!

There's only a teeny-tiny problem... Our own poll module on this very website had a malfunction, probably from too much excitement watching the game. Some of you may not have been able to cast your vote before the match begun, and as a result, could be robbed of one hard-earned Krosmaster. 

As a result, the referees have decided to be generous: everyone will be able to get their own Kriss Krass, whatever team they were supporting! You will have to enter the code Krosmaster_SuperBowl2016 on this page, and you will receive the Krosmaster in-game. (This code will work until February 17th, so be quick to grab it!)

Don’t be cast down if your team didn't win this time, you’ll get another chance next year! And by that time, new champions will no doubt have joined the Gobbowl ranks...