Soon, a new Krosmaster Arena base set will be released, full of new content. We’re presenting you its content in this first of a three-part review!


As Tot told you in his Letter to the community, Krosmaster Arena will soon get itself a new base set to start 2016 with a bang! Beautifully crafted, full of new content and based around Ankama’s first movie, DOFUS – Book 1: Julith. While the release is drawing near, why don’t we take a look inside the box?

New Krosmasters

The main event of this release is of course the 8 exclusive Krosmasters figurines, coming straight from the DOFUS movie. Each of them represents one of the main characters of the movie: you will be able to play with Julith, Jahash, Khan Karkass, Marline, Bakara, Lilotte as well as new alternate versions of Grampy and Joris. All those figurines are exclusive to this set and won’t be available anywhere else.

To shake things up a bit, we’ve decided to change the Krosmaster’s levels compared to the original set. There are four level 4 and four level 2 characters in this set, one of them being a Boss. This first introduction to team building will allow for a good variety of teams for new players, while still offering interesting new tactics to seasoned fighters!

It’s not time yet to give you a complete spoiler, but here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from those characters…

Let’s talk about rules

If you’ve been playing Krosmaster Arena for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the game has radically changed since its original release. Rules have changed as seasons passed for a better balance and more interesting games. However, this had a side effect: as time went by, the rules book in Krosmaster Arena’s base set became less and less synchronized with rules actually played.

The occasion was too good not to take: the new rules book will now contain up to date rules, including every change that was made in the past three years. New players will fit right in! To give you an idea, here’s a short list of the effective changes: season 2 Critical rules, summons limit, Bosses, progressive reveal of Demonic Rewards, 3 characters minimum per team, Unfazed, a bunch of new keywords…

While we were at it, we’ve also added a couple more tweaks to the rules to improve the game even further. Without getting into too much details, here’s a quick summary:
  • New Lock rule: Lock will now trigger more frequently than before, but its effects will be less severe for the affected Krosmaster. In general, this means Lock has been buffed and becomes an important matter in the arena.
  • New Tension roll: everyone has lost at least one game to a “straight double” on the tension roll… Now, players will be able to ignore this situation, but at the cost of receiving less bonuses from the roll.
  • Simplified classification: the difference between games pieces like allies, summoned mobs, or mechanisms, felt a bit muddy and confusing to some players. We’ve created a new classification to make this aspect easier to understand.
It goes without saying that the rule rules book will still contain a detailed explanation of the game, tutorials to learn the rules at a steady pace, and a FAQ with the most common questions. And the game is still 100% compatible with every figurine released for Krosmaster Arena, including those of the previous set!

What’s next?

There’s still plenty to tell you about this release! That’s why we have to split this news into three parts. We’ll see you very soon for a deeper exploration of the content, notably focusing on the Demon’s influence on the game…