Will it be a white Kwismas in the Krosmaster online arenas? You never know... It’s time to wrap the presents but, for some people, it might start looking like they’ll be going home in a box! Snow or not, one thing you can be sure of: until January 3, the presents will come raining down!


Kwismas is the time of year when lots of warriors like to roast their chestnuts on (or in front of) an open fire... For others, it’s time to take a break. For everybody, it’s time to get presents! Even the Demons of the Hours sometimes get a bit sentimental. If you want proof, look no further than all the festivities lined up for you from today up until 23:59 on Sunday January 3!


  • Free Krosmasters of the week: the 5 cronies heading the bill change each day! And in the same week, the selection on show will be sold as a pack.
  • An extra figurine will be given away for free in packs of 2 Krosboxes!
  • A special Krosbox will appear in the Shop for the Clockwork Ball: don’t miss the January 1 news if you want to find out what the surprise is!

It’s Kwismas every day for two weeks on Krosmaster Online!