From November 26 through 28, the feathers will be flying in your arenas. Because even though Skank Hivin is sacred to the Dragoturkey, all the other birds want their piece of the pie. Which is as it should be, as the Royal Tofu will be available from the Shop at the price of 1,000 Ogrines

Born out of a family squabble, Skank Hivin is a festival which celebrates the noble DragoTurkey, no matter how you slice it. Or better yet, eat it! This festival owes its name to a famous Dragoturkey breeder who was envious of the magnificent and rare specimens raised by his cousin, Hank Skivin. One day Skank invited Hank over for dinner, which turned out to be nothing but a dirty pretext whereby Skank stole one of his mounts! And to this very day, Skank Hivin takes an ill-natured pleasure in celebrating the fowl, uh, foul deed over a hearty meal. No prizes for guessing what the main course consists of…
Well, on this occasion, it’s another of our feathered friends who’ll get pride of place, as he’s served up on your gaming table from November 26 through 28. Don’t trust his adorable little chirps, because at just one sign from you, he’ll make a poultry, uh, paltry mouthful of your adversaries. Wing or thigh? He’ll take both! He’s no chicken, so he’ll go back for seconds. 
This cute little birdbrain is available from the Shop for the price of 1,000 Ogrines.
Your opponents will have more than one feather out of place!