The Demons of the Hours say playtime is over! They had their fun with the beta, but now they want to see some real fierce battles! If that’s what they want... Indulge them! Krosmaster Arena is online, for XXIII’s sake! Get playing now!

KMA online sortie

There are more than 130 virtual figurines so you can play your favorite heroes, and 4 game modes (including PvE, PvP, and international tournament) so you fully develop your potential. Challenge yourself with Krosmaster Arena online!
Krosmasters of the world, it’s time to challenge each other! Or rather the six worlds: you’ll now be able to prove your strategic prowess in Astrub, Frigost, Brakmar, Moon, Forfut, and the Xelorium! Six worlds with six levels each: your fighters will see 36 candles!
Good timing too, since the new season of ranked match mode is starting today! Something to warm up with before you throw your hat in the ring, awaited in the next updates: LeChouque, Darkli Moon, and Grougaloragran!

It’s the beginning of a new era for Krosmaster Arena, so don’t miss it! And just for the launch of the game online, you’ll get a gift with every purchase of Ogrines!
Available until November 16 on all our sites:
Pack of 6,000 Ogrines=1 surprise Krosbox gift
Pack of 13,000 Ogrines=2 surprise Krosbox gifts
Pack of 28,000 Ogrines=4 surprise Krosbox gifts
Pack of 47,000 Ogrines=6 surprise Krosbox gifts
Still not sure? Every Monday, 5 virtual figurines will be available for free during a test week on the site!
One last thing before you head off into battle! The tablet version keeps getting better and will soon reach a whole new level! While you wait, take your neurons for a ride and... become master of the Krosmoz!
Krosmaster Arena online is also available on Steam.