Newly hatched this spring, the online version of Krosmaster Arena was lovingly fostered both by its creators... and by its players, who enthusiastically reported the least imperfection! As autumn approaches, it is time for the fledgling to take flight. This is no ugly duckling, but a great big hungry phoenix! Krosmaster Arena goes online on November 5th!


The last few months have seen a lot of developments, such as new maps (Cemetery and Moon Island); the addition of more figurines (the Dark Heroes, Ogrest - Child, Yugo - Unleashed, Arty, etc.); the introduction of the Adventure mode, etc. without counting all the fine-tuning, adjustments and the launch of two new shows on our Ankama channel: Challenge a dev and Team Up !
And obviously it’s far from being finished, as the 5th of November will only be the first day of a whole new adventure! And to kick things off, ready for a new season of ranked match mode, the leader boards will be reset... and everything will really get going!
And for all players who participated during the Beta, you can use the following code to unlock Arty for free: Krosmaster_Beta_Arty . But beware, this code won’t work anymore once the game is released!
This game’s leaving behind its little beta nest. How about you, ready to leave your cocoon?