After two years spend together, Dofus is now moving away from Krosmaster. The latter is ready to play in the main league, with its brand new 3D that will soon launch in Beta! 


The new version of Krosmaster Arena cannot be played in Dofus from a technical point of view. As a result, from Tuesday April 7, 2015, Krosmaster will bow down and move away from its big brother. 

Which means that it will no longer be possible: 
  • To play Krosmaster from Dofus. 
  • To manage your collection from Dofus, and transfer figurines from your inventory to your collection. 
  • To drop figurines in Dofus. 
  • To complete quest and challenges linked to Krosmaster

However, the NPC that trade Krosmaster figurines for characteristic scrolls will still be available for a couple more weeks, allowing you to recycle them this way if you desire to. 

You have until April 7 to transfer all the figurines you want to keep in your Krosmaster collection. Bear in mind that each figurine in this collection will still be available once the new version is launched, but not the figurines you keep in your Dofus inventory. 

Thank you Dofus for those years of collaboration, and see you later in April for the Krosmaster Arena Beta!