Due to problems during development, the release of Krosmaster Quest is pushed back to a further date. 

Hello everyone.
You might know this already, but Krosmaster Quest was delayed several times this year. We are eager to release the game, probably as much as you want to play it! But several factors have conspired to perturb the production.

Our main game designer has moved to a foreign country earlier this year, and has since suffered many technical and familial crisis, delaying the finalization of the rules. Since the writing was late, we decided to report our work onto other projects in dire need of attention; namely, Krosmaster Season 2 and Krosmaster Junior. We didn’t want to release a product which didn’t meet our quality expectations and we decided to delay Quest rather than release an incomplete or rushed game to the stores.

However, that doesn’t mean that progress wasn’t made on the game. All of our print files (all the cardboard pieces, the tokens, and the cards) are finished and ready to be printed. The game design for the whole game itself is finished. We have to get the rules neatly written in a rule book, translated for every language that Krosmaster is released in, and we can get started on the production of Quest.

And there is so much material that goes into a single box! Inside it, you will find:

  • 7 Krosmaster figurines, including two exclusive (the Royal Gobball and Royal Tofu);
  • 16 double-sided boards, to create the map where you will live your adventures;
  • 5 character boards, with their special caches to allow growth for your character as the game progress;
  • More than 200 mini-cards to use in game, including personal quests, monsters to hunt, and Event cards that will make the Quest engine go;
  • Special boards to track your adventure and the marketplace turn after turn;
  • Dozens and dozens of cardboard token, markers and beautiful set pieces;
  • A booklet to learn the rules at your pace, and more than ten scenarios to renew your game at every new play!

Now that you have a clearer view of our project, we can program a more definite release date! The boxes will be produced at the end of this year, then conditioned in January, send by boat in February (before the Chinese New Year), to finally arrive in your stores at the end of March 2015.
We thank you for your patience, and apologize for any frustration that the wait might have caused. The game is almost there, just a little more patience!