We are now leaving the Osamodas behind to present you the Pandawas. Keep your beer keg ready, and see you on our Facebook page for more spoilers!

It’s Monday, and like every Monday, it is time to reflect on the spoilers of the week that passed, and prepare for those of the week that will come. After the charming (but wild) Osamodas, we will welcome the charming (but hairy) Pandawa on our Facebook page. You know the time, you know the place, so see you on Tuesday and Friday for your spoilers!
For those we weren’t there last week, here are the Osamodas’ profiles:

But I know what you’re all asking for: where are the summons? You’re right, an Osamodas without his summons, it’s like a cake without whipped cream, a plane without its wings, a lion without his… huh… well-groomed mane? I’m getting side-tracked again. Anyway, here are the two tokens that the previous Osamodas can summon at their will:
No new rules to explain this week, so we’ll just say: see you tomorrow!