International recognition for "Krosmaster: Arena", which has been for a few days in the Top 10 of the 2013 Best Board Games at Game Informer, which is a famous American monthly video game magazine. "Kosmaster: Arena" was also featured along other big names in Science Fiction and Video Games in their tabletop versions!

The Ankama Board Game has been proving its value outside of the French borders for several months now, but has just taken a new direction by making itself heard overseas and facing the giants of Science Fiction and Video Games. Making this is an important symbolic news!
Game Informer emphasizes the original aesthetic of the figurines, the fun, how easy it is to get familiar with the game and the ingenuity of the gameplay, further describing it as a well-oiled machine that extends the experience thanks to the expansions.
Quotes: "I adore the aesthetics of Krosmaster, but beyond flashy looks, it makes the list because of its well-balanced and tactical combat", "it’s a joy to get to play out a combat game with real, tactile figures at your fingertips".
So today we want to extend our thanks to all the fans of the game, without whom this journey would not be possible. And this is only the beginning, since Krosmaster Quest and other surprises are expected this year!