Here's something to keep you busy during the Holidays season: an online tournament on Board Game Arena and your last chance to qualify for the World Championship in Cannes! 

Third official online tournament on Board Game Arena! You know the drill by now, you will find all necessary information required to enter this tournament, so read it in its entirety beforehand!

Important: World Championship and number of tournaments

Before we begin, we have an important information for all contestants. 

The World Championship of Krosmaster will be held during the Cannes International Games Festival (FIJ), from February 21 to 23, 2020

Since this date is getting closer at a quick rate, we won't have the possibility to organize the remaining two scheduled online tournaments in good conditions for our contestants. Therefore, we decided to reduce the number of qualifying tournaments from 4 to 3: this tournament on BGA will be the last one. 

However, the number of qualified players by these online events will not change: instead of 4 direct qualifications and 12 qualifications through ladder (16 players in total), there will be 3 direct qualifications and 13 through ladder (still 16 players). 

The current ladder for online tournaments can be seen here (thanks to Deastiny for making this picture!): Online ladder



Registration will take place on the Toornament website. You will need both a Toornament and a Board Game Arena account to enter the tournament.

If possible, use the same nickname on Toornament as you did on BGA. Otherwise, during registration, you will be asked to give your exact BGA nickname as well as your current time zone; please fill these fields carefully.

Registrations will begin on Friday, December 13 at 5:00 PM (French time). Only 64 places will be available for this tournament, so tickets will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis. Registrations must be validated by Ankama manually before being accepted.

(Note: in order to give everyone a fair chance at entering the World Championship, we ask to already qualified players to let the other contestants enter this tournament.)

Tournament and registration here



The tournament will begin on December 19 and will be split into two parts.

During the first part of the tournament, players will be sorted in groups of 4 and will fight against the other players from their group in a Swiss round. Each contestant will have to play 3 games during this step. At the end of it, the first two players of each group will be qualified for the next part (32 players in total).

In the second part of the tournament, players will compete in a direct elimination bracket: one loss and you’re out! Starting with the quarter finals (top 8), the bracket will be doubled with a loser bracket, offering to defeated players another shot at the title of champion.

All Krosmasters from the 'Season' format can be selected for your team’s roster. Our characters have been updated with the latest version of the buff/debuff lists. It’s possible to change your team composition between two games, but if a rematch is necessary between two contestants (to avoid a bug for instance), both players will have to use the same team as the first time.

During this tournament, all games will take place exclusively on the Bonta 1 map, in the classic orientation.

For all your questions and assistance needs, please contact us at It’s the fastest to communicate with us in this context.



All games played in a single winning round.

One of the two contestants must create a new table on BGA with the following settings:

  • Game mode: Normal mode
  • Game speed: Turn-based (4 moves per day)
  • Team selection: Simultaneous
  • Map: Bonta 1 oriented in the "classic" way
  • Format: Season

Then, simply invite your opponent by using their nickname and start the game!

Due to the Holidays season, the first part of the tournament will be played from Friday, December 19 to Sunday, January 5 (included). Players of each group will have to play against their 3 opponents, in the order of their choice, but all games must be concluded before January 6. Matches who were started but not concluded will result in a draw.

In case of a draw between players at the end of the group phase, the following criterions will be used to solve it:

  • Number of victory/defeats/draws during the pool phase
  • Biggest difference of score between all players in a draw
  • Biggest score earned (in total)
  • Number of forfeits for each player

The second part of the tournament will follow this schedule:

  • Top 32: January 7 to 9
  • Top 16: January 10 to 12
  • Top 8: January 13 to 15
  • Top 4 winner bracket, first round of loser bracket: January 16 and 17
  • Top 2 winner bracket, second round of loser bracket: January 18 and 19
  • Third round of loser bracket: January 20 and 21
  • Final round of loser bracket: January 22 and 23
  • Tournament’s finale: Januray 24 to 26 (up to 2 games may need to be played)

A player who didn’t show up for their match will lose this game; during the group phase, they will suffer a penalty of 1 point to their final score. Please get in contact with your opponent on BGA to discuss your availability beforehand.



Reports will be made on the Toornament website. Enter, as result, who won the game and the amount of remaining GG for each player. Do not tick the “drop” square.

Before your report is validated, please send to a link to the replay page for your game. We will check if the score corresponds to what has been reported and validate it.

If your opponent didn’t show up for their game, please send an e-mail to the address above before reporting anything to Toornament.

If a bug prevents you from completing the game (character stuck on one cell, game locked, etc.), then please contact us. We will give permission to start the game again in order to complete it according to schedule.



Players entering the tournament will earn points for the online ladder (separate from the current QT ladder) depending on their final ranking:

  • Participation: 2 points
  • Qualified following the group phase: 5 points
  • Top 16: 10 points
  • Top 8: 17 points
  • Top 6 (*): 25 points
  • 4th Place: 35 points
  • 3rd Place: 40 points
  • 2nd Place: 50 points
  • 1st Place: Qualified for the World Championship!

(*) Includes the players who lose a match in the quarter finals but win their next match in the loser bracket.


At the end of this 3rd tournament, we will know the final results from these tournaments and will be able to announce all 16 qualified players for the World Championship!