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Double Critique! french program now with english subs!

By Dnuht#5407 December 02, 2013, 18:20:26
Hi everyone! I'm Dnuht, from French forum, and I'm here to share with you a non-professional program I made about Krosmaster.
Due to demands about english subtitles, I finally made them on the second episode, and it's now available here: Click here

I made it all by myself, so I hope there isn't too much mistakes in the subs ^^
Note that it was made for french community, especially for the news. Also, the interview at the end is about a member of the french community making funny videos, but currently only available in french.

I hope you will watch it and like it! And if you like, I will work on first episode subs, and then work on subs for every new episodes smile 
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Any news about Krosmaster is welcomed. It's definitely interesting to see things from the French side.
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thanks for sharing Dnuht!
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Thanks for responding to my question!

You'd be surprised how much people are interested here.
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