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Krosmaster: Arena Events at AKON in Dallas-this Weekend

By June 03, 2014, 00:33:43
Japanime Games will be coming to Akon in Dallas Texas from June 6th-8th!
We will be set up in 3 locations in the convention:Retail Sales and demos in the Trinity Exhibit Hall. More demos in the Khmer Ballroom on the 3rd floor, along with console gaming. Demos and tournaments in the Cortez Room
We have lots of great events planned, come and see us!

Saturday Krosmaster Constructed tournaments:These events cost nothing to play - we set up the games for you, just come and play!12pm AND 3pm - 3 hours each, max 8 players. Bring your own 12 point army to play, or borrow the figures from the base game to play the tournament - free entry

Sunday Krosmaster 1/2 Draft tournaments:10am - 4 hours, max 16 players. Bring 2 figures to play with and draft 2 more! Cost to play is $15 - and you keep the 2 figures that you draft
Prizes for all of these tournaments including Promo figures, games, expansions, and more!
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