The online version of Krosmaster Arena is now available on Board Game Arena in an up-to-date version playable directly from your browser!

The Beta server has just been launched on Krosmaster Arena online! We’re counting on your help to find any bugs before the final release!

Discover the new Krolossium mode and all the new content of patch 1.9.0!

Discover the new figurines added with patch 1.8.4.

Discover the new daily objectives and all the content of patch 1.8.0!

Discover the new Adventure mode in patch 1.6.0!

This new system will make it easier for you to complete your collection, by destroying your extra figurines and make new ones with the remaining pieces!

Season 3 figurines have been doing battle on board games for a few weeks, while online players look on with envy! But now online players have a reason to celebrate. The digital versions are ready for combat!