The online Ankama Shop is joining the World of Twelve to celebrate Saint Potrick's Day by showering your purchases with gifts! Cross a Pandawa and hope to die, from March 14 through 17, you're going to love these thresholds!

Missing out on the goddess Pandawa's annual festival is out of the question, and this year the Ankama Shop is showering your purchases with gifts once again!

Whatever the purchase amount, you'll receive a (randomly selected) Remington or Maskemane figurine* from the Ankama Convention #6.

Then, with every threshold you cross, an additional gift will join the earlier gift(s) in your cart!

  • €15 in purchases = a free Tofu stuffed toy**
  • €25 in purchases = a double card: free Ancient Sufokia shield (DOFUS) and free Bump costume (WAKFU)**
  • €35 in purchases = a free Krosmaster Arena Piwate Pack**
  • €50 in purchases = a free Lady/Flèche Maliki pillow**
  • €100 in purchases = a free Kassius Kaos XL figurine**

Don't wait! You've only got until Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 PM (Paris time)!

Go for it!

* Offer limited to the first 150 orders.

** Excluding shipping. While supplies last.