One year is drawing to a close and another is beginning – it's the circle of life, and it moves us all (you know the song). Inspired by this period, Gamakna is about to turn a page so it can write a new one.

After two years, 10 issues, two special issues, and one artbook, it's time for the Ankamaverse magazine to explore something new! As such, Gamakna #10 will be the last issue you'll read in this format. Enjoy it as your last feast for the year, one final banquet consisting of appetizers, cocktails, starters, intervals, hearty dishes, intoxicating drinks, and sweet notes.

Gamakna will return in 2019 in a new format, with the same intent, but more simplicity and spontaneity. It will simmer delicately, at low temperature, until cooked to perfection before you taste it… Take this opportunity to use the comments to tell us what you expect for the future of this transmedia adventure – it's the perfect time to make a wish!

But first of all, read our Kwismas tales, check out our infographics about your favorite games, root out the codes, and have a peek at the first announcements for 2019.

Gamakna wishes you a happy year 2019, full of all things new and creative!

Thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and ideas. We'll keep listening to you while preparing what's coming next… See you soon!


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