As the Kickstarter campaign is drawgin near, we tell you more about the future of Krosmaster and its distribution. A must read! 

Hello everybody ! 

As many of you already know, we are rebooting the Krosmaster Blast Kickstarter campaign today (November 17th) at 5pm CET. Before it starts, it seemed important to let you know what the future holds for Krosmaster.

Blast is an updated version of Krosmaster Arena focusing on quicker, more dynamic games with a lower cap to get into it. It was mandatory to have a game that was easier to learn in order to enlarge the community of Krosmaster players. It doesn’t mean that it’s not as strategically deep as Krosmaster Arena and that it won’t allow organize play. Some famous players playtested it and could confirm you that it will allow great things and new perspectives. Another important topic is that Blast was developed with the will of having a multiplayer game from the beginning, and it will offer 4 player modes that will let you discover new ways of playing Krosmaster. For instance, the Brawl mode we already revealed

We know that a lot of questions exist about Arena compatibility, and we confirm that all the miniatures that will be available during the Kickstarter, from Krosmaster Blast or the Groomy Grove expansion packs, will also be compatible with Krosmaster Arena. 

Regarding the Gloomy Grove expansion, as you will notice on the campaign, we have listened to your feedback and decided that starting with this expansion, all the future ones will be released as fixed character packs. We won’t be doing blind boosters anymore. This decision comes along the will to find a new way to work with Krosmaster in the future.

From now on, all the future Krosmaster releases will be done thanks to Kickstarter campaigns, with a dedicated offer to stores (that will also be the case for future tournament kits). It is vital for us to involve stores from the beginning as their support is mandatory for the game to succeed. The choice of Kickstarter is the simplest way for us to be in touch directly with you, as we know some communities had a lot of trouble to find some products in the past such as in the United States. It will also allow us to offer more new tournament rewards, with Kickstarter campaigns exclusive to stores for them to organize events.

Regarding the localization, changes will happen. This Kickstarter will be a great tool for us to benchmark the most active communities. We will support all the countries that reach 500 games ordered on the campaign by translating directly all the products into their language. 

For the online game, the official launch of the new version of Krosmaster Arena on Board game Arena will take place the 3rd of this December. The miniatures that players already unlocked on the current 3D version will be transferred and unlocked for them on this platform. This version will also be used to organize regular tournaments allowing players to qualify for the world championships. It will start at the beginning of next year with Krosmaster Arena. We will have more news to share later this year.

We would like to thank you all for your support in order to improve the Krosmaster range, help to make it known to many new players and be able to organize events allowing players from all over the world to compete.

See you very soon!


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