The new version of Krosmaster Arena online is coming to you on Board Game Arena! We need your help to make the game the best game possible, so join us for the beta starting on May 9!

Starting this Wednesday, May 9, you'll be able to test out the beta of Krosmaster Arena on its new platform: the Board Game Arena (BGA) website. We talked about it in detail in an article in Gamakna No. 7. If you haven't read the article yet, now's the time!

This beta currently includes a selection of the most recent figurines: the 8 Krosmasters from the KMA 2.0 box and the figurines from seasons 4 and 5, with the exception of the Boufbowl figurines. The game is still in development and other game elements will be added before the final release.

How to Register

To play this version of the game, you must create an account on the Board Game Arena website. Click on this link to do so.

IMPORTANT! As announced in the Gamakna article, we intend to transfer the figurines you already have in your Ankama account to BGA once the beta is complete. In order for that to be possible, it is imperative that your Board Game Arena account have the same email address as your Ankama account!

You can verify your Ankama account email in your profile. Make sure you choose your email carefully when you create your account. If you already have a BGA account using a different email address, you change change it on the BGA account interface so that it matches the one from Ankama. 

A separate news will be released later in order to explain you all about the figurines transfer. You understand that the most important aspect is to match your Ankama and BGA e-mail addresses!  

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to play; you won't need to install anything else. All you need to do is find "Krosmaster Arena" in the list of available games. To make it easier, we've created a short guide on starting your first game, available here!

A Word from the Developers

The Board Game Arena development team wanted to share a message with you before you jump feet first into this beta version. Please take a moment to read it here:

Dear beta testers,

Thanks for volunteering for this beta testing phase of the new online adaptation of Krosmaster Arena!

This introduction is a little bit long but is very important to understand what you are going to see.

Adapting Krosmaster Arena is an unusual job for us at Board Game Arena (BGA), since a digital adaptation already exists for this game. This deserves an explanation about what is this new adaptation, and what it isn't.

At Board Game Arena, our main objective is to allow players to discover and love board games, to allow them to find opponents anytime, and to organize the online competitions for the different games.

To do this, we are building adaptations which are very close to the original physical board games. Our main focus is on respecting the rules with efficiency, readability & ergonomics. In a few words: we are used to say that we do not create "video games", our adaptations look like the real board games.

Krosmaster Arena adaptation is not an exception to this approach. And this is a good news, because Ankama would like to have a more simple and straightforward adaptation for the game (some may say "more core gamers oriented", although it is not really the case).

This is the reason why this adaptation is in 2D - top view. This view is by far the most readable format for this game. As you know, with Krosmaster, moving distances, ranges and lines of sight are very important, and it is way much convenient to see all of this in 2D than in 3D.

This is also the reason why we chose to display the Krosmasters cards on screen. These cards are an important part of the game, and having the cards will allow you to get the feeling of a real Krosmaster physical game.

But the most important (and most exciting) thing we have to say is the following: to make this adaptation a success, we need you!

A very important thing to understand about BGA is that we are community-based. An important part of the players are helping us for development, moderation, testing, translations or the animation of the website. This is something that really matters to us, since it allows us to make sure the service fits the players needs and wishes.

This is going to be even more true for Krosmaster Arena. We are passionate gamers and we adapted almost 140 games online, but we are not Krosmaster experts. And as you well know, Krosmaster contains a lot (really, a lot) of characters, effects, combinations.... and this is exactly why we need you.

To make sure this new adaptation of Krosmaster is the one you need, we decided to launch the beta test even while the adaptation has not been finalized yet. To make things clear, all characters / boards are not available, all game modes are not available, and the most important: we have not been able to test EVERYTHING.

The idea of this beta testing phase is the following: we'd like to get your comments as soon as possible to change things as soon as possible if needed, and of course to track and fix the bugs which are impossible to avoid with a complex game like this one. As a consequence, this is a unique chance for the Krosmaster Community to participate directly to the development process of an adaptation to make it as great as you want it to be.

"A great power comes with great responsibilities", so we ask you to be tolerant and kindhearted during this beta test, as we all know that this adaptation is still not perfect and will need our collective time and attention to get better and better. We want a great and stable BGA adaptation for Krosmaster, and in exchange of your help we will provide all the needed effort to do it and introduce new game stuff little by little.

Practical things:

  • If you find a bug / have a suggestion, you can report it there:!bugs
  • You may also, at the same place, vote for most annoying bugs and smartest suggestions.

A big thank you in advance for all of you who are going to help us with their precious feedback.


The BGA team.

We'd like to offer them a huge thank you for their efforts!

We have also created a special section in the forums so you can talk about this version of the game with other players. You'll find it right here. Please use the link provided by the BGA team above for any bug reports so that they can be handled efficiently.

We're impatiently looking forward to your feedback. Thank you all for participating, and have fun!