Changing your secret answer is now possible via text message. Free and secure, this can be easily done from the Account Management page!

"What in the name of a sober Pandawa? What's the name of my favorite TV show, again? "…. Now there's an expression we won't be hearing anymore in a few days from now.

And for good reason: you may now modify your secret questions and answers in just a few seconds by text message via the Account Management page!

For years, you've been asking us to simplify this process, but at the time, we were unable to offer a simple, secure alternative. But now, thanks to text messaging, it's possible!

But in order to take advantage of this free service, you will (of course) need to add a confirmed mobile phone number* to your account**. If you already have a number and it needs updating, don't worry. Our Customer Service will be happy to help you change it!

To avoid abuse, there is a text message limit per account and per number. However, if you use the service sensibly, you shouldn’t have any problems.
Your mobile phone number keeps making your life easier and easier! New text messaging services will soon be available, which will allow you to quickly recover your account in the event of a problem. Don't wait any longer, add a mobile phone number to your account right away!

* For safety reasons, you must wait a week between adding a new mobile number and changing your secret answer.
** Not including any additional charges for receiving text messages from your telephone service provider.