Spoilers from the newest Krosmaster season keep coming through! Before we leave the Messaround Monastery, we should pay our respects to its mistress…

Before we begin, a word of warning. We have up until now presented you this season under the name “Beyond the Grave”; however, due to concerns around the name and the possible confusion with other products, we have decided to change it. Say hello to Cemetery Park! The content of the season will be the same, only the name changes. We’re good? Perfect! Now, on with the featured presentation.

Last time on this column, we’ve met Friar Tubs. It’s now time for you to encounter another resident of the Monastery, and not the least of them… Mother superior of the order, leading the monks with a ghastly grip, coming back from the dead, here comes the Nun!

What a peculiar character! One could think she is slow moving with her 2 MP, yet she can leap forward great distances or catapult a friend with her “Fatebook” spell. Despite having a restrictive range at first glance, her attack spell actually cover a comfortable area of the map. But to really understand how she works on the field, you must know what a Tombstone is:

Tombstones are a new kind of mechanism. Like traps, they don’t block the path on the cell where they rest, so Krosmasters can “walk” on them. They have HP, but they can only lose them in a specific manner: if a Krosmaster move, or is moved, to the cell they’re occupying.

Tombstones are here to scare allied and opposing Krosmasters alike, decreasing their AP but increasing their MP (fear will give you wings!). This spell is cast automatically at the end of every Nun’s turn, which means a character moved by “Fatebook” may be affected by it. It’s your job to use this at your advantage!

With a bit of preparation, the Nun will cover the field with her Tombstones, disrupting the strategies of both teams… Or she might decide to cash them in and become an unstoppable terror for one turn.  

Let’s vote!

Our previous vote had crowned the Mopy King; now, tell us which Krosmaster you’re interested in seeing next!

Go on this page and vote for one of the following three characters: the Elite Chafer, the Skidmonk or another monk, the Grim Preacher! The winner will be revealed on our social media pages, so keep your eyes peeled!