A long, long way from the Outerworld, other heroes are fighting other battles: the Color War is raging in Tactile Wars! Just as it is passing the threshold of 6 million players, a new update is coming out for this mobile game today, which also puts your tactical skills to the test!

What are you waiting for? Have a go at a conflict which has already brought together over six million players! Make the most of the latest update, which now lets you choose between different types of boosters, to collect cards and complete your collections of mercenaries, skins, medals and titles.
You haven't played Tactile Wars yet? It's not too late to get acquainted; quite the opposite: make the most of this new update!


Each booster has its own special features. Some include different card rarities; others only contain cards from just one category, in order to maximize your chances of unlocking content you're specifically trying to get.

What's more, you get a free Bronze booster every day: it contains Chance, Gold, or XP Boost cards.

The Color War

This recently-added function will spice up your gaming experience. For a week, starting on every Thursday, each fight you win will make your color gain ground in the world rankings! At the end of the week, you will receive rewards depending on your color's ranking… and then it starts all over again! So, for the common good, choose your opponents wisely!


Choose from twelve new skins to give your soldiers the look of your choice: UFO, space soldier, witch, or… pig! You should know how to impose yourself!

Hire a Mercenary

Hire a mercenary that you don't yet own for next to nothing, just for one battle. Benefit from their specific skills to overcome those dreaded defenses!

Changing Color

Do you bitterly regret having chosen that color which never lets you rise above the lowest rankings? Betray it! Fight for a more prestigious color! It's immoral, but it's good for your… morale!
Summer is coming… be in harmony: throw on some color!