On February 7, the 50th Super Bowl will take place. Rallying cries from its players have rung out as far as the Gobbowl playing fields of the World of Twelve! So much so, in fact, that the people of the World of Twelve have decided to take part in this little appetizer before their own Super Gobbowl. It’s time to place your bets, with a reward at the end for the victor!

The prime American sporting event of the year is almost here! On February 7, 2016, the 50th Super Bowl–the finals of the American football championship–will see the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers face each other on the field. Although the event has become a real institution for the United States, our famous Gobbowl champions wouldn’t miss it for the world either! Because, like they say, love for the oval ball (or Gobbowl Ball) knows no bounds!

That’s why we’re making the most of this occasion by putting your betting skills to the test!

The Emporg and the Masked Gobbowler, two veteran Gobbowl players, have decided to support the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos respectively. So you’ll have to decide between the brute with the strange name and the stupendous Gobbowling pro, and vote for the one who represents the team you’re supporting. If the team they’re supporting wins the game, you’ll leave with the character of Kriss Krass, the most emblematic figure ever to be associated with the horned ball!

Try to show some flair, otherwise the reward will slip right through your fingers!