On Tuesday, May 26th, a new update will be made to Krosmaster Arena. On the menu: new Krosmasters, new map, and more bug fixes!

Patchnote générique Chloé

On May 26th, the following changes have been made to Krosmaster Arena.

New content

  • The Dark Heroes join the party, as well as Dark Vlad – Karnated, Ogrest – Child and Yugo – Unelashed! These nine new figurines are now available in game. To get them, either enter the relevant online code on our website, of find them randomly in a Standard Krosbox.
  • A new Graveyard map has been added, using the classic design of The Pit.


  • Active character aura: from now on, Krosmasters will be highlighted by a colorful aura during their turn. For characters outside of their turn selected by clicking on the 3D model or in the timeline, a different color will be used. As a result, it is now easier to pinpoint a specific character, especially is there’s several instances of it on the battlefield.
  • Summons: they will be correctly displayed in the timeline for characters that have more than 3 summons on the field at the same time.
  • Character hub: the number of HP left on an out of turn Krosmaster will correctly be displayed.
  • Range markers: they will now appear in the character’s hub.
  • Qilby: he will now correctly give the Brotherhood tag to his allies, allowing the combo with Adamai to work as intended.
  • Pandalida: the damage displayed by her fiery breath attack will now correctly reflect the damage inflicted to the targets.
  •  Area of effect spells: the displayed damage and effects will now reflect more accurately what is really inflicted on the targets.
  • “You play first” and “You play last” tooltips will now use the right color.

Demonic Rewards

  • DR bought face down will now turn over properly.
  • A timer counting down the time allowed to give a DR to a Krosmaster will now be displayed.
  • The DR interface will now close itself when the current character’s turn is over.
  • DR given previously to a character will now be displayed correctly after a reconnection.
  • Sram Style: the health theft will be now displayed correctly for every attack under the influence of this DR.


  • If a player was disconnected while looking for a match, he will now reconnect properly.
  • Krosmasters that aren’t playable yet will be marked as such in the collection.
  • The tutorial’s third and fifth step have been slightly modified.
  • The AFK system will no longer activate during a tutorial mission.