The physical versions of the figurines arrived in the Ankama Shop in January and now their digital counterparts are available too. The Dark Heroes, as well as Ogrest - Child and Yugo - Unleashed, are waiting for you in the online version of Krosmaster Arena!

They’ve been long-awaited! Katar, The Black Crow, Vampyro, Kriss Krass, Djaul and Dark Vlad–with or without his mount: the infamous Dark Heroes have come to do battle in Krosmaster Arena Online!
Dreaming of taking the reins? Two options are open to you.

  • Directly online: Visit the Shop and try your luck with the Standard Krosbox*!
  • Using the physical figurines: Use the code displayed on the pack in order to unlock the digital versions.

The principle is the same for Yugo - Unleashed and Ogrest - Child. Players who own the figurines (or win them in board game tournaments) should use the code that comes with them, and others can cross their fingers and take a chance with the Standard Krosbox*, available in the Krosmaster Shop!
* When all the Season 3 figurines become available in the online game, they’ll be released in a “Season 3 Krosbox,” which you’ll be able to find in the Shop.