Video games, comics, animated series, movies, Ankama is on a roll and wants to tell stories in every possible and existing medium, pushing back the boundaries of imagination again and again. What better way for that than a theme park where every ride would open a door leading directly to the Krosmoz? This will soon be a reality with the prestigious Ankama Land, in Roubaix!

Currently in preproduction phase, the project is slowly taking shape, enough so that we can talk to you about it. You'll be able to see the firsts roughs, drafts and designs for the project in this very news.

Come one, come all... come and see, don't be scared!
Start by lowering the security handle in the first ride before it departs... and off we go! You are now on a roller coaster which path has been designed by the god Enutrof himself: you'll find, around a few twists, turns, and loops, the richest mines in the World of Twelve... at a tremendous pace! Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times, and watch your cawwot bag, for it might very well fly off!

Now picture, if you will, an old manor, haunted by chafers, menacing gargoyls or even bloodthirsty vampires... Enough to make the hair of even the hairiest of Sadidas stand up!

After that, for a little rest and relaxation, let yourself be transported by a new kind of merry-go-round. Ride, alone or with your significant other, the comfiest of dragoturkeys...

And after this rest, you'll be able to visit the (almost) life-size cities of Bonta and Brakmar, or drift along the current of the Kawaii River to take a good look at the Amakna shores (and wave to the cwabs while you're at it) or suffer the waves and splashes of the Raul Mops Splash attraction (just avoid annoying the master of the attraction if you don't want to be harpooned)!

If after all this fun you're feeling hungry, you can always go eat at the Amakna tavern, and watch an episode of one of our shows on a giant screen while you have lunch.

What, after all that, you're still not ready to fly all the way to France to experience the thrill and fun? Not to worry: Ankama is planning the opening of other parks, elsewhere in the world! 

So, is that your dream coming true?
After all, the only real danger you're facing is, maybe... never wanting to leave!