Access to more than a hundred figurines: that's what your kroz will give you in the 3D version of Krosmaster Arena, which opens in Beta today! Kroz that will now reward many more victories in battle, be it in a ranked game or in a tournament, and that will still be valid to use in the DOFUS and WAKFU Kroshops!

Except for friendly games, all fights allow you to win kroz in Krosmater Arena! Ranked games*, tournaments*, advancing through leagues, end of season rankings... everywhere you look, you can find and win kroz! Discover all these possibilities right now in the beta: as a matter of fact, you cannot win kroz anymore in the 2D version of the game, even though it will stay online.

Now all you have to do is spend them. Three possibilities are available to you, same as always, starting with the Krosmaster Shop : starting today, you'll be able to find, in there - now in the form of "Krosboxes" (the virtual equivalent of blindboxes) -, more than a hundred figurines, including the rarest of all! When Krosmaster Arena turns 3D, even the Shop gains a whole new dimension!

You will still be able to opt for the DOFUS and WAKFU Kroshops: Boarhog and Razorbuck can be yours, as well as many weapons and sets... Krosmater ones, of course!

* For more information about the different ways to win kroz, you can read this news