It’s time to provide an epic start to Krosmaster for the year ahead, and what better than a terrific tournament? Oh, but it won’t be any old tournament… it’ll be the Krosmaster World Championship! Follow the event on 21st and 22nd of March live on our Twitch channel! 


The Krosmaster World Championship is sure to be action-packed! On the 21st and 22nd of March, from 9AM to 5PM (CET), twenty players from around the world (French, German, Spanish, Italian and the US) will vie for the title of World Champion! Watch these duelists take to the board, providing you, the good spectators, with a spectacle like no other!
...Of which you can follow locally or streamed live on our Twitch channel, commented in English by two special hosts! Be sure to click on "Follow" to be informed of what's happenning on the channel. 
For our local visitors, we have a collection of mini-tournaments taking place too! Spy on the strategies of Krosmaster champs, who may just inspire you. Mini-tournaments of eight players max [you’ll have to register onsite] are scheduled between 10AM and 4:30PM (CET) – oh, and don’t forget, with promotional figures too!
Between rounds, there’ll be no time to be idle as you will have the opportunity to experience the 3D version of Krosmaster Arena as well as various prototypes of games in development. But that’s not all, you’ll even be able to meet with game designers and ask those must-know questions!
Want to show off your strategy?
Well then, we’ll see you on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of March at Ankama, 75, boulevard d'Armentieres in Roubaix; or live on the Twitch channel Krosmaster_Ankama!