Two new arenas, never-before seen backgrounds, kamas galore, and free-riding wagons: the conquest of the Krosmoz goes through the Not Mines! But beware: in the belly of Amakna, the rules change! Discover all about it today in the Ankama Shop!


All that is mine is fine... but it's not getting me any more gems, nor kamas! To get rich in the Not Mines, you have to... mine! It's the new special action that will make you a wealthy Krosmaster... if you can avoid the crates of dynamite, of course! And it's no easy task: "Kill them all, to Enutrof his own" would be their motto if they only had one!

If you don't want to end up pushing Demonic Roses, you'll have to stay mobile! Wagons are here for that: with the [Roule ma poule] spell, make your opponents pay dearly for their lives!

Destructible background

To make these already quite fabulous mines even more interesting, you'll be able to apply the optional "background destruction" rule, that modifies the characteristics of many elements. Please note, however, that this rule does not apply in official tournaments, except on a specific demand from the organizer.

Voilà! The visit down the mine shaft is over. Please don't forget the add-on guide:
  • a double-faced game board
  • two punchboards including:
    • eighteen new backgrounds to put together (among which supporting beams, dynamite crates and wagons)
    • gem tokens
    • kama tokens
  • a rulebook translated in six languages.

The Not Mines expansion: available in retail stores and in the Ankama Shop. RRP: 10 €