After three month of hard work for artist all over the world and dozens of creations… It’s time for you to vote! Tell us which ones are your favorite, and help them win on the of the three Community’s prize! 


Our Skratchmaster contest is coming to an end… For the last three month, we have received some amazing creations from all around the world. It is now time for our jury to debate on the quality of each entry, but also for you to choose your champions!

How is it going to work?

Every entry in the contest can be seen in this photo album. Take your time to look at it, all entries; choose wisely which pieces you really like. Please also note their number: each diorama has one written as “Contestant XX” in its description.

You can vote for 3 separate dioramas. Each of those will get exactly one point: you don’t have to rank your favorites, since every single one will receive an equal share of your vote.

Once you’ve selected your favorites, you have three different ways to send us your vote:
In this message, tell us your 3 favorite dioramas by using their designated numbers, as well as your name. For example: “Hi, my name is Bill Tell, and I vote for dioramas number 41, 55 and 80”. You will receive a confirmation message once your vote has been counted.

Warning: only one vote per person! We won’t take into account votes from a single person that comes to us from different ways.

Votes will be open until Wednesday July 16th, 2014 (included). Once we have counted all of your votes, the three dioramas who got the most votes will get a Community’s prize each (which consists of a Goldenrod Terminatot and an XXL figurine). We will unveil those winners at the same time as the general contest winners, as voted by our own jury.

Do the right choice and vote, Krosmaster fans!