Starting next week, we will open a special Beta test server for Krosmaster online, in order to add the new season 2 figurines progressively in the game. And we need your help to find the bugs that may have crawled inside the code! 

For a few weeks now, the Krosmaster online team have been working on updating the game to include the newest figurines from season 2. And we have made much progress, so much, in fact, that we are almost ready to add the first batch of characters online!

Even the furniture works with us!

We have assembled a team of expert programmers to manage this update as quickly as possible (and with little impact on other project’s planning, the tablet version of Krosmaster in particular). The team is composed of veterans from the current version of Krosmaster (in 2D), mixed with newcomers from the newest version (in 3D). While they all know Krosmaster in and out, some of them haven’t worked on this version before.

Unfortunately, it is hard for us to access our debug and test team for this project. New figurines and rules are of course tested to see if they work properly, but there’s plenty of interactions with the “old” figurines that we don’t have the time to test at all, due to the size of our team. This is where you come in.  

How is it going to work, then?

Early next we week, we will open our Beta server. This version will be accessible from your browser only (neither from Dofus nor Wakfu) on the following link:

Figurines and rules will be updated there over the next few weeks, and you can test all of it without any lasting impact for your ranking or Kroz reserve.

On this server, you may use all the existing figurines, including those you don’t usually have in your collection. The more combinations between season 1 and season 2 figurines you can test and bug report, the quicker we will be able to update the official version of the game. You have access to every figurine at once, so go crazy and try everything!

At the same time, we will open a special section of the forum, dedicated only to the Beta test. You will be able to make all your returns and bug reports there, while we will keep it updated with the newest fix and add-ons for the Beta version.

When the bugs are fixed, the “real” online version will be updated with what we are sure will work without a hiccup; it will be a progressive task, depending on what we add to the game and your feedbacks.

We’d like to thank you in advance if you chose to help us in this task. See you soon on the Beta server!