For a week already, we have given you spoilers about Krosmaster Season 2, and we won’t stop here! Let’s have a look back to those previous spoilers (with new informations), and kick off the Foggernaut’s week…

Last week, we were active on our Facebook page: every day, a new puzzle was posted, and later rewarded by a picture of a new Season 2 character. By the way, we’d like to thank you for your support and your cheers on those activities, it’s so nice to have a responsive community!
Let’s keep moving! We are now kicking off Foggernaut’s week, with two new characters to show… if you accept our challenges, of course! Find out Tuesday and Friday, on our Facebook page.
For those of you who haven’t seen the spoilers yet, here’s a recap of what you’ve missed:

Pretty sweet, isn’t? But you might be confused with all those new keywords and powers. Allow me to explain further what they mean:
“Purple” spells: those spells can only be used once per target, per turn. So, you can target three different targets with the same purple spell, but you can’t use it twice (or more) on the same target in one turn.
Agility: whenever you use an Air spell with this character, you can roll an additional die. When this character is attacked by an Air spell, you can also roll an additional die. This power can be combined with Critical or Armor, which allows you to roll three dice at once in some cases!
Crafter: once per turn, if this character is on a Demon cell, you may buy a Demonic Reward for 0 AP. In addition, some costs are reduced during this action only: Jade rewards cost 5 kamas (instead of 6), and Gold rewards cost 10 kamas (instead of 12). It’s only during this purchase that you get a sale: you will have to pay the full price if you want to buy one more Reward.
Wisdom: whenever this character kills an opponent Krosmaster, you gain 1 extra GG. However, if your opponent kills your character with Wisdom, he will also get 1 extra GG. This power is a double-edged sword, be very careful!
Well, that’s enough spoilers for today, don’t you think? See you tomorrow!