Yesterday, we changed the home page of our website. Today, we continue this trend, with a rework of our forums! Why don't you take a look around while the pain is still fresh?

It's been a while since we first designed the Forum, and with time, we realized it wasn't as practical as it could be. Since we changed the website recently, we thought it would be nice to give it a rework. 

Don't worry, your messages haven't been reased! We mostly shuffled a few things around and create a couple new sections. Let's take a look, shall we?
  • In order to further differentiate the different styles of playing Krosmaster, we have created three blocks instead of one. The first is Krosmaster, in which we talked general news about the game; then comes Tabletop game, which is about meeting other players face to face around a board game; and finally Online game, which is exclusively about the online version of Krosmaster.
  • Instead of one big section for all the news, we decided to separate them between more specialized forums. So you will find in Organized play news... exactly what it says on the tin, while in Logbook you will get the newest updates for Krosmaster online. General news who concerns the game as a whole will go in General discussions with a pretty tag to catch them more easily.   
  • We decided some sections needed more of your attention, so we put them on the front row. Tournaments will soon fill up with organized play events, and the Fan corner is entirely dedicated to your creations. 

We hope you will enjoy those changes as much as we do. See you soon!