About a month ago, our partners at Japanime Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Frigost expansion for Krosmaster Arena to the US. And today, the campaign ended… on a resounding success! 

Following the steps of their previous successful Kickstarter, our partners at Japanime Games started a new campaign on November 15th to fund the new Frigost expansion set. Many appealing rewards were offered to the backers, including but not limited to: the Frigost expansion set itself, a complete set of the news season 2 figurines, oversized cards, three exclusive XXL figurines, and so much more.

Cautiously, they asked for 25,000$... and that number was achieved in less than a day. One month later, on closing day, the campaign was clocking at exactly 361,764$. This represents 1447% of the initial goal! Amazing!

We, the Krosmaster team, would like to join our friends at Japanime Games to thank you for your undying support. We hope to see you this enthusiastic when the next campaign will present itself. In the meantime, have fun with Krosmaster!