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Grampy is broken

By -Foosninja-#8751 March 17, 2017, 00:33:26
Grampy does not appear to be functioning properly.  He does not get his roll at the beginning of his turn for extra AP or Movement.
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Appeared to be functional for me in Training though. Haven't tested ranked with him because, you know he isn't very good.
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Also on the Grampy front (and this may not be a Grampy issue, but it manifested for me with Grampy), but I bought one of the demonic reward books that gives your base attack a breath area of effect.   It then showed the breath area of effect for Grampy's old habbits and fate of Ecaflip attacks.    The breath area did not work for those attacks, but those attacks showed having the breath area which was confusing.
I suspect this is more of an issue with that demonic reward than with Grampy, but as I said I was playing Grampy and assigned that Book DR to him when I noticed this issue.

As for my original issue.   I  think it may just not be displaying the roll.
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