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Why the limit on Krolussium and Rewards?

By -Foosninja-#8751 October 07, 2016, 21:36:09
It appears from the long queue times that the on-line game seems to have a lack of players problem.

And at the same time you have limits on number of Krolussium matches that can be played in a day, and a 24 hour wait for daily reward resets. (which in many cases can be accomplished in one match)

These limits appear to want to limit the number of matches each person can play in a day... in the case of the Krolussium matches it's a hard limit of 4 per 24 hours, and in ranked matches, there is no limit, but you cease getting rewards after accomplishing the daily reward, the incentives for playing more that day go away.

I could understand and condone these 24 limits if you guys were having an "over crowded server" situation, but you have the opposite enough players....and you're limiting the length of time people can play each day. That seems like a horrible policy for keeping the on-line game "Busy" enough people don't have to wait crazy long for matches.
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