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Ranked and Krolossium matches getting cross scheduled.

By -Foosninja-#8751 September 20, 2016, 00:03:48
I've had many of my Krolossium matches get pitted against "Ranked Open" teams.

Maybe it's by design, but that doesn't seem right. I previously suspected this was happening, but now I'm sure it is.

For example today I played my "Krolossium Team" against a full fledged Eliatrope team:

2x Kivin
2x Ayan
Young King Yugo

No way did this come up in random Krolossium selections.

And my very next match:

2X Bill Tell
Jems Blonde
Luk Ylook

Theses are not random teams. "Constructed teams can't compete with Random teams". It's frustrating, please fix it. Krolusium WAS nice, pitting semi-random teams against each other, few "power combos".

If this was by design pitting Krolusium VS Ranked open teams it was a bad's ruining the fun of Krolusium teams.
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As it is said, it's not a bug, it's a feature.

If no opponents is available in a reasonable amount of time, you will be paired with a Ranked player instead.

Feature that usually only activates when there's no players available at the moment, and only after a significant wait.
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Can I give that "feature" a Mr. Euck sticker?

Instead of wasting everyone's time with matches that are very likely "mismatches", why not have a popup saying "No opponent's in the Queue, however there are Ranked players in the Que, would you like to switch to one of your ranked teams for a match?"

A popup box with a tiny amount of code would all that would be necessary. I'm not thinking a huge code change.

Nobody likes mismatches. The Krolussium idea was a pretty good one, allowing for reduced "Cheese teams", and allowed for a wider variety of teams being played. I love Krolossium play. I'd like to see the limit of 4 matches per day removed. I enjoy playing it much more than playing Ranked play.

But now I get the worst of both worlds. I get to play against "Cheese Teams", which is no fun, it's a flagrant mismatch. And I'm guessing I lose one of my 4 Daily Krolossium matches doing so. Why it's a Lose-Lose situation. Please ask them to "rethink" that particular "design"'s bad.

And could we get "Draft" play? Where there is some kind of draft format before the game is played with the opponent you'll be playing?

Option 1) Show 20-25 Krosmasters - Take turns picking Krosmasters - 1st person picks one, 2nd person picks 2 then each player picks 1 at a time until all are taken, then each person has a minute or two to select his team from the Krosmasters that were drafted.

Option 2) Show two Krosmasters, player 1 chooses which he wants, player 2 gets what's left, then show two more Krosmasters - Player 2 gets the choice this time. Alternate until each side has about a dozen Krosmasters, then give 1-2 minutes to pick their teams and start.


And a suggestion for both Krolussium play and if you go with a new draft suggestion.

If someone has either a Multi-man or characters which can change form (Adami or Quilby), there needs to be a selection adjustment.

Multimen - All the multi-men gain powers when more Vigilantes or Villains are on their team/the map. Without these gained powers nearly all the multi-men are severely weak. The thing with Multi-men is, early game they are a little over-powered, they all have pretty low HP, so as they lose team mates, their team loses abilities and their team goes from slightly OP early game to slightly under powered late game. In the Krolossium or a draft format, rarely will there be enough Multi-men available in order to get their powers in the first place, so they are under-powered choices in these types of games.

Suggestion: If a multi-man comes up in a Krolossium or draft game, make 3 of each Multiman available....and perhaps tweak the Krolossium random generator, to never make only 1 multiman available. If one Multi-man comes up, make the randomizer automatically select a second multiman. (and allow 3 of each) in this way full strength mulitmen are available.

Adami & Quliby - Part of what makes these figures worth their points is their ability to change forms. Without it they don't have part of what makes them worth their point value available. If someone picks one of these, allow them to change forms at setup, and during the game.

And for the same reason, you might consider doing something similar with Bandits, Archers, Piwates, Knights, brotherhood of the tofu and Eliotropes (though with Eliotropes you should NOT make multiples of all of them available. Eleotrope teams can be quite formidable....the rest of them, you might consider for the same basic reason given for Multimen and Adami/Quliby : They have powers which, I'm assuming are factored into their cost which rely on "Group" team compositions. Most of these types of teams are not OP. (With the possible exception of Eliotropes.....but not allowing double Kivins or Ayans would help tone this down.)

Basically without the above adjustments to "Random Selections", picking these teams gives you Krosmasters which are missing part of what makes them worth their cost.
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There's so few people playing the online game, no-one cares about it.
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So I was playing krolussium, and I drew a particularly weak Krolussium team, but got pretty lucky and won my first two matches. Then match three.....I play a constructed 2x Driver, 2x Moe + Henual team....I stood no chance, it was like seal clubbing.

Who in the world thought this was a "Good idea" mixing Krolussium play with constructed play? It's aweful! It basically means, you can't "Care" about your Krolussium record because you will get boned a certain number of times.

And to make matters worse....I just played my final match while typing this message with that same team and won again. So I finished 3-1 but could have had a chance to be 4-0 had I not played a @#%$#%#$^* constructed team!!

This is a terrible feature!!

Krolussium is a really nice play limits the amount of exploitation of unbalanced figures, and you get to see a wider variety of Krosmasters used. But this ruins it! It pretty much guarantees a miss-match. One guy gets a constructed team the other gets a limited team and gets unceremoniously pounded. This is a BAD feature. Don't just throw my team to the lions without warning. If it takes too long to get a Krolussium VS Krolussium match, just send me a popup telling me that the Krolusium queue has a long wait, but the Constructed Queue has more players.

This is an annoying bad feature. Please disable it. I'd rather not get a match than get pitted against a team that's just going to drub me, and ruin my record. It's no fun playing a mismatch (From the losing side and not really much fun playing it from the winning side either.

#@%*#@$*#$@%@%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - yes I'm cursing mad about this.

Hmmmvot|2016-09-22 00:01:51
There's so few people playing the online game, no-one cares about it.
Yes, true. And there are reasons there are so few people playing:

1) Poor figure balance leading to all the problems associated with that, not the least of which is the negative effect on new players.....AND .... making games boring, like the fact that I litterally play against Julith in half that matches I play on-line.

2) Krolussium was actually a way to semi- tone down the all OP figure teams..... but this bug makes Krolussium less fun.

Give the game a fighting chance.....fix the problems.....stop ignoring them. Does Amakna actually expect the general public to ignore massive game balance problems and play the game anyway?


Had another good Krolussium run going...won first two matches then my Krolussium team got pitted against a 2xMo, 2xCoa, Pharis, Poochan, Luk team and I was easily overwhelmed.

What %#@%$!!!

Really ruins Krolussium fun getting pitted against teams I stood ZERO chance of winning against.

And again......please fix's so annoying to play a Krolossium team against an OP constructed team. It happens to me almost every day now. Krolusium was a good idea ruined by this matchmaking feature.
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