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Fix Kitty Rage and Henual allowed to be duplicate while they're in the boss list

By #IcyTheWhitie#4803 June 18, 2016, 17:56:39
This is kinda a little bit upset bump of a previous thread that was made like 3 months ago (Click here) about these two characters, which can supposedly be present twice in the team, while being on the boss list. Those two statements contradict each other.

3 months and no reply was made to that post, nor the issue hasn't been addressed in any way.
That's not nice. Please fix it already..
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I think that they will never fix this thing, nor for Kitty/Henual nor for other figures in the Boss List.
That's because, as Dewit said, the Boss List is a flexible and dinamic instrument.
Pieces in the Boss List could be de-Bossed in the future (at least that's what Ankama said us), and changing this thing in the online version is hard to follow for them.

The online version should be fixed about more important problems, like the Poochan Boss status (you can play Luk Ylook + Poochan actually (while you can't do it in the physical game) that permits a HUGE mobility advantage for just 3 levels.

As Dewit said, the online version should be updated with those changes when the 2.0 rules will be putted in; until then the online version is going to remain the same.
I prefer that Ankama use its efforts for the new products, that this game NEEDS more than any other things.

Duel Pack 3, Base Set 2.0, Season 4, Duel Pack 4, OAV Pack... The game need new pieces, and the new 2.0 rules, over anything else... And a programmed flux of new products for the near future.

My 2 cents, Matt.
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