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Possibility to cheat

By BadB88#7607 June 24, 2015, 09:04:23
Date and time of encounter: always
Your setup: Mac OS X Yosemite
Game version: Latest Version
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned: all

Bug's description:
Yesterday i had a Game against a Player with the following Statistic:
4 Wins
0 Defeat
0 give up

8 %

How is that possible? 50 Games / 4 Wins / and 46 Disconnects???

I think there is a possibility to log off during the Match and wait till the Match is over, than log on again and there will be no Defeat in the statistic.
I think this is a way to cheat (i did not check this...)

Would there be a possibility to punish Players who cheated this way?
Maybe add Win, Defeat an Give Up and this should be the Number of Matches in total.
If not add the Difference to the "Give Up" Matches...?
(and all Cheaters to Liga 20!!)

We checked some Games on Youtube....
Wins / (Win + Defeated + Given Up) = Quote ?

If Yes; then I found some extremly cheating Players,
14 missing Games in statistic
and 1 Player with 55 Games missing (during video rank GOLD, now Elite....)!!!
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A player who disconnect during a game is awarded a "give up", the match isn't removed from the stats.

We have taken a closer look on the matter. Apparently there's a discrepancy between the number you could expect and the numbers which are shown. The win ratio takes into account the matches in both Tournament and Ranked mode... but the number shown (Victory/Defeat/Giving up) only takes into account the Ranked games.


In Ranked play, I have 10 victories, 5 defeats and 5 giving up. My win ratio should be of 50%: I've won half of my matches.

However, I also have 0 victories and 5 defeats in Tournament mode (what can I say, I'm not a great player). Therefore, when you add up, I have a total of 10 victories for 15 defeats: my win ratio is only 40% (10 out of 25).

If you would fight me, my stats at the beginning of the match would be: 10 victories, 5 defeat, 5 giving up, 40% win ratio. And here lies the problem.

For the example you have reported, it is not impossible that these were the first few Ranked matches your opponent has done, which explains the low numbers; but his win ratio will also take into account the Tournament matches, which your opponent seems to be quite the fan of.

Obviously, the problem being that those numbers are hard to read and relate to. We will correct this, either by modifying the win ratio formula, or by modifying the UI to make it easier to understand what those numbers mean.
Score : 88
so the the "missing" number of games in statistic are the matches defeated (more) than the wins...

so for example 55 matches Missing would be e.g.

75 Tournament matches

65 Defeated
10 Wins


I hope I understood it correct biggrin

It would be much better if there are e.g. more stats or the stats without the Tournament, and the Tournament stats listed separately.
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