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[Bug] Functionality loss - Health Display

By -Foosninja-#8751 June 22, 2015, 22:40:14
So it appears that there is some functionality loss. In previous versions when I would click on the health of the active Krosmaster and hold down the button, the health of all the Krosmasters on the map would be displayed above each one. This is a very valuable and handy feature.

I've noticed now that not all Krosmaster's health is displayed. I haven't noticed the pattern yet, but only a few of the krosmasters on the map are now displaying health. (I don't know if this is related or relivant, but I was playing a match in which both teams had a lot of MOBs on the board when I noticed this.) Both of us had Black Crow and Fern Sok'em.
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Ah, good catch. That feature was not supposed to be removed; as you said, it's pretty handy.

We'll see to put it back in game whenever we update the game again. Thank you!
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Glad to help.
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