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Possible Unfazed Bug.

By -Foosninja-#8751 June 03, 2015, 23:56:43
So I thought that "Unfazed" was not supposed to affect "Damage" powers.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or "By Design", but I tried to use a Drop Knight to heal Joris (And I had another Knight on my team). It only healed for 1. I'm guessing this was probably due to Unfazed stopping the Drop Knight's power which increases the amount of healing it does by 1 if another knight is on the team.

I thought I'd report this and let you sort out if that is the way Unfazed is supposed to work or not. My understanding is Unfazed was no longer supposed to affect powers that alter damage. (Maybe Healing" doesn't count as "damage"...but that doesn't seem intuitive, as healing removes "Damage" I would think it would fall under the exempt from Unfazed rule.) But that's just my guess.
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I'm just loving how you guys are all ignoring the "how to report a bug" template despite being pointed by dewit already...
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Anyway, Joris has 2HP can't be healed more then 1 because he'd be dead already with 2 damages, unless you boosted him with some DR but, again... let's post and then think about details, right? :3
However, i'm pretty sure the old Unfazed (the one still in the online version) does block Drop Knight's additional effect since it stated that only effects providing additional DAMAGE are not blocked, and healing is not damaging. But i'm actually not 100% sure
It does work with the new rule changes made to Unfazed, though
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Yes I did have a DR on him which gave him additional HP. He had taken 2 pts of damage and I healed him with Drop Knight and it only healed 1 pt.
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Just double checked the S2 rulebook to clear it
Any additional effect outside of additional damage OR placing damages (IE, Grampy's Feline Friends) is nullified by Unfazed
So, no extra healing

Fear not, S3 nerfed Unfazed so that any additional effect besides moving and/or buff/debuffing is not blocked by it anymore
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