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Free Rotation Error

By Lighthouse-Rob#2456 June 02, 2015, 00:32:04
There seems to be an error with the weekly free models. If you don't own the model you can use it as many times as the game allows, but if you already own the model then the game restricts you to however many you own.

This is kind of especially an issue with this week being bandits. I don't own all the bandits but I can still field a full team plus the extra one, where as my friend who only has one copy of each can field a full team but doesn't have the one extra model he needs for Elite Riktus' power.

Is this intended or is this just an error in programming?
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same here. the two bandits i own can't be picked twice, the others can....
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Sure its an error.

I already have 1 Srammy, this week its free, and guess what? I can only use 1. Its does not make any sense.

Did anyone report this error? The programers ready this foruns?
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The free rotation is supposed to unlock characters you don't own yet, but doesn't add characters to your collection. So, if you already own Srammy, for instance, you won't get a "second" one during that week.

The fact that you could use 3 of each Bandit was the bug. It should have been only one of each.
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