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Kriss Krass + Lock, working?

By GinjaaNinjaa#7459 May 29, 2015, 04:22:08
It could totally just be random crappy rolls, but Kriss Krass's "Lock" power might need a second look. I was locked 3 times in a row each turn by figures that did not have lock. Meanwhile Kriss who actually has lock missed his chance to lock the opponent all 3 times. The game did not end well. tongue

Again could just be totally random, but the odds of a non-locking figure rolling 3x locks in a row and the locking figure not getting at least 1 lock in return is pretty nuts. Only posting this because he is new and maybe something is off with his power.
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Don't know about Kriss, but I swear every time Ticktokovich attacks me he crits (as in it's happened 5 of the past 5 times).
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I would say that 3 out of 3 is unlikely (yet still possible), but the sample is too small to really consider this a bug. If it was 90 out of 100, this would be much more disconcerting...
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