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By Skullbash32#8311 May 27, 2015, 06:27:56
In every single match I played tonight, after some time playing either my characters froze up, or were unable to move to certain cells, or in some cases the game got one character with another (such as after an Anna Tommy swap).

Really I feel like there are more glitches than ever. I can tell that this also happened to at least one opponent.

Many of the games I was using a dark hero such as Vlad, vampyro, or katar. Not sure if it has to do with them being in the game. But it did not necessarily happen on their turn.
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Yea i get the same. Also i sometimes cant see the pass button although if you click in the area where it should be it sometimes does pass and it says its the opponents turn when it really is my turn. Matches last longer with this bug or glitch.
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Yep the same for me I played against Djaul and Black Crow. And from some point my Shovel of Diver pushed the characters but they still seemed to be on the same spot. He placed a crow near 2 of my chars. Afterwards I couldnt move both these chars.

The lifetotals of all characters stopped changing if they have taken dmg.
I think it started after Djaul swapped health with one of my Krosmasters. I am nor sure though.
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The problem with unsynchronized characters is a tricky one, and we still are working on correcting it.

However, I would like to point that this kind of topic is very hard for us to use. Saying "the game is glitchy" without much detail won't help us to find the bug at all.

We need the most precise recollection of the events that lead to your bug, as well as a screenshot if possible (preferably with the fight's log visible). And please read the bug report guide if you haven't done so.

Thank you for your help.
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I played around 10 games today and I had this bug always when I played against black crow. This was 3 times.

I will upload a video about it on youtube soon. The Items in the shop which are bought are still visable and cannot be bought. Characters can`t move and have 0 BP for no reason and health of minions not changing.

Edit: Now it is 4 out of 4 black Crow everything is bugged.
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Just had this bug playing against a team that had Dark Vlad on it.

It seemed to start up when the person bought a demonic reward?

Maybe the game doesn't like the new figures buying rewards?
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SO here is the video I uploaded with the bug. I think it starts at around 13:45. The bugs are described in the discription and you can see them also.
Click here
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