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Bugs i a game against KATAR

By FBGkidzero#2138 May 26, 2015, 23:08:19
Ankama nickname: kidzero / SOHkidzero

Date and time of encounter: 26.05.2015, 23.00
Your setup: win 7 32 mb
Game version: beta 0.99
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned: Captain amakna, Arthur bine, Argon gass

Bug's description: Characters were not able to move, or if, they were shown i the wrong space or could not attack, HP were not shown correctly (damage was not displayed on the picture of the model).

This all started after the first time one of katars offsprings attacked for the first time.

How to reproduce: What does "how to reproduce" mean? 
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How to reproduce means how can you make the bug happen again. If it's random you don't have to put anything or just put "random".
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